Rule 17, exhibit 9 -

There is little merit to employing certain diagnostic labels such as chronic pain syndrome or pain disorder to explain persistence of pain and disability behaviors.

O of Somatic Dysfunction and Chronic Low Back Pain in Patients.

O.s receive additional training in Osteopathic philosophy (emphasizing a holistic approach to our patients) and in Osteopathic manipulative therapy (O). C.) - allowing for "one-stop shopping" in todays medical marketplace.

Osteopathic Medicine - Medicine-in-Motion

Evaluating and Managing Acute Low Back Pain in the Primary Care.

D.) counterparts, are licensed to practice the full scope of medicine including the ability to order diagnostic testing, prescribe medications and perform surgery.

Idaho Workers Compensation and Payroll Solutions For Contractors.

(Adopted April 17, 1997) Introduction Low back problems are common among workers.

Somatic dysfunction and workers comp:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates