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Experts estimate that 21% of prescriptions for common drugs are written for off-label uses. , the FDA requires that drug makers submit, test and get approval from the FDA for specific uses of their product before the product can ever be marketed.

Examination of the Evidence for Off-Label Use of Gabapentin

Warning: Rht now, Gabapentin is approved in the United States to treat seizures.

Examination of the Evidence for Off-<b>Label</b> Use of Gabapentin

The Neurontin Controversy The Saga of Off Label Drug Regulation.

ABSTRACT The regulation off-label drugs is a complicated and controversial area of the law.

Neurontin ‘Snake Oil’ Lawsuit Upheld – National Pain Report

You’ve rotated through your favorite SSRIs and SNRIs but none have worked out, either due to efficacy problems or side effects.

Neurontin off label:

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