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I'm taking 100MG of Macrobid, 500MG of Levaquin & 250MG of Flagyl. I'm sure the MG's are low, but my doctor knows I'm very sensitive to meds. It keeps the lumps out of my legs, gets rid of the nhtly leg cramps, no more limp in my left leg..can't get by without it. If taking a full course of treatment s 99% of the bacteria, then stopping after a few days of treatment could mean you have ed only a fraction of the bacteria, and the remaining ones that were strong enough to survive a few days of treatment are now the survivors and are continuing to multiply.

Lyme disease won't stop Angeli VanLaanen from making her Olympic debut

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Doxycycline User Reviews for <em>Lyme</em> <em>Disease</em> at

Warning to ALL Levaquin and Bartonella

Lyme disease treatment includes Doxycycline, a form of the antibiotic tetracycline.

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