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Lipstock sees every patient before, during and after surgery to ensure every patient achieves the “20/Happy” vision results they desire.

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Ahhen ..09/06/2016The staff is very friendly and the clinic is clean! I am getting my surgery today and will update this afterwards. See all reviews on yelp I was amazed by how quick, easy, and flexible the entire process was at the Lasik Plus Vision Center. For someone who had to wear glasses or contacts since the 3rd grade and couldn't read my alarm clock in the morning, it was a truly life changing experience. I checked other locations and found that they pushed different procedures over others that I wasn't interested in. I have a very uncommon astmatism and had a really hard time seeing things that aren't about 2 feet away.

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A refractive error in the eye occurs when images are not focused precisely onto your retina by your cornea and lens.

How Much Is LASIK?LASIK Eye Surgery Cost -

Check out the latest advancement in reading vision technology – the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay. Whitten is the first in the Washington DC area to perform this amazing… If you have considered LASIK now is a great time to get the clear vision to enhance your time in and out of class!

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