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Lexapro for treating Bipolar Disorder Treato

Bottom line: there are at least 9 alternatives with at least as much evidence as antidepressants for effectiveness in bipolar depression, that don’t make bipolar disorder worse, as is clearly a risk with antidepressants. Thus there are loud voices on both sides of this issue. Quoting from an editorial in the American Journal of Psychiatry, March 2008, by Nassir Ghaemi, one of the principal investators in the STEP-BD, a large bipolar research trial (emphases mine): Mood destabilization with antidepressants should be distinguished from an acute manic “switch.” Antidepressant-induced mania, or switch, is a short-term phenomenon; one mht define it as happening within 2 months of the beginning of antidepressant treatment. Antidepressants may cause long-term mood destabilization without a short-term manic switch, and vice versa.

<b>Lexapro</b> for treating <b>Bipolar</b> Disorder Treato

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The way escitalopram works is still not fully understood.

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Lexapro and bipolar:

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