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We can use a python list to access to the segment properties (i.e location).

Input-dependent subcellular localization of spike initiation between.

Fure 1: Drawings of neurons showing soma and dendrites in black, axon in red. The soma houses the cell nucleus and most of the genomic expression and synthetic machinery that elaborates the proteins, lipids, and sugars that constitute the neuronal cytoplasm and membranes.

<b>Neurons</b> Noba

The integrative properties of cortical neurons in vivo - Alain Destexhe

Conscious “free will” is problematic because (1) brain mechanisms causing consciousness are unknown, (2) measurable brain activity correlating with conscious perception apparently occurs too late for real-time conscious response, consciousness thus being considered “epiphenomenal illusion,” and (3) determinism, i.e., our actions and the world around us seem algorithmic and inevitable.

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There is great heterogeneity across the nervous system and across species in the size, shape, and function of neurons.

Properties of neuron and soma:

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