Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Oral Route

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Amoxicillin should be used with caution in: patients who have any allergies, those with kidney problems, glandular fever (a virus infection which causes a sore throat, hh temperature above 39°C or 102.2°F, tiredness, muscle pains and headache), or those who are not well hydrated (not passing water regularly). It is a member of a class of drugs ed broad-spectrum penicillins, which are themselves part of a larger of drugs ed antibiotics.

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Composicin: Augmentine ES-600 contiene: 600 mg de Amoxicilina (como Amoxicilina trihidratada) y 42.9 mg de Acido Clavulnico (como clavulanato de Potasio) por cada 5 ml; proporcin de 14:1. Polvo para suspensin oral: Dixido de Silicona, Goma Xantn, Aspartamo, Dixido de Silicio Coloidal, Saborizante Artificial a Fresas con Crema y Croscarmelosa Sdica 12. Si se presenta diarrea prolongada o snificativa, o si el paciente experimenta clicos abdominales, se debe discontinuar inmediatamente el tratamiento y los pacientes deben ser estudiados.

AUGMENTIN ES-600 Polvo para Suspensión Oral

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