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When trying to taper off Paxil I quickly discovered that it can be a horrifying experience.

Take This Antidepressant, and You Too

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Paxil, <strong>Effexor</strong>, SNRI and SSRI <strong>Withdrawals</strong> Home

Wyeth Drug Company Faces ERISA Lawsuits

Karst - On November 25, 2008, FDA granted in full a citizen petition (petition supplements are available here and here) submitted by Osmotica Pharmaceutical Corp.

Deli Brands of America

Paxil is a drug that was released by the Glaxo Smith Kline corporation aimed at fhting depression. In May of 1996 Paxil was approved for the treatment of panic disorder and OCD.

Effexor withdrawal petition:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 96 Rates