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For years, prescription retinoids (face medications like Retin-A, Renova, and Tazorac that contain the vitamin A derivative) have been assumed to be the best antiaging products. It's hard to argue with the science behind retinoids, says Miami dermatologist Dr. It is the only thing on the market that has such concrete evidence." (Over-the-counter products with the vitamin A derivative retinol are similar but less powerful, and don't require FDA approval or undergo the same stringent tests.) Dermatologists balk at the idea that retinoids thin the skin because, as New York City derm Dr. Tina Alster concedes that too much skin inflammation will break down collagen—which translates to lines and sagging.

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Edwin Williams is a board certified facial plastic surgeon that has formulated a series of prescription strength creams in a creamier non-irritating base that contain active ingredients which have been scientifiy proven to reverse sun damage and stimulate collagen production.

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, collagen production decreases by approximately 1 percent with each year of age after maturity (about age 21), leading to a loss in firmness and elasticity of skin. Genesis and Medlite lasers are only administered by licensed dermatologists.

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